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Lumax Eye-Appealing Packaging puts many of our Products within easy reach of your customers.

That means when you Hang-Up a colorful Lumax Product Display, You're sure to ring up more sales!

Looking for an effective way to make actual profit and reach new customers in the Lubrication and Fluid Management Area? Lumax has a Money Making – Product Moving – Customer Getting Solution for You: Choose between the Lumax Merchandiser Packages, 1/4 Pallet Displays, Counter Display, & 4 foot Merchandisers.

These are special merchandisers put together with products that sell.

  • All Hand Picked, Fast-Turn Merchandise

  • No Large Quantity Commitments

  • High Profit - In Demand - Products that will Turn and Earn!

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Part Number: LX-1152-PAK
Description: Grease Gun Pallet Display

Display includes:

  • Stocked with (36) LX-1152 Heavy Duty, Pistol Grip Grease Guns

  • Receive (36)  LX-4805

  • 8 pc. Grease Fitting Kits

Part Number: LX-131626 PAK
Description: Corrosive Pump Pallet Display

Display includes:

  • Stocked with (16) LX-1316 Petroleum Barrel Pumps

  • (13) LX-1326 Corrosive Fluid Barrel Pumps

  • Receive (28) LX-1338 Gallon Fluid Pumps

4851 Large Images.png
Part Number: LX-4851
Description: Quick Release Coupler Display

Counter Display Kit includes:

  • Heavy-Duty Metal Counter Display

  • 2 pcs. Grease Hoses with Spring-Guard

  • 1 Coupler each model Quick-Release Grease Coupler for Demo.

  • 2 pcs. Display Hooks

  • 20 pcs. of each coupler (LX-1403 & LX-1403-XL)

  • 5 of each LX-1403 & LX-1403-XL for display and 15 of each model for replenishment.

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