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LX-1416 Grease Injector Needle, 2½" (64 mm)

LX-1416 Grease Injector Needle
Part Number: LX-1416
Standard Pack: 10
Grease Injector Needle, 2½" (64 mm), 18 G
  • For use on Hand-operated Grease Guns only

  • Ideal for Lubricating in very tight places like Sealed Bearings and Universal Joints

  • 18 Gauge x 2-1/2" (1 x 60 mm) long Stainless Steel Needle

  • Equipped with Standard Grease Fitting

  • Snaps into any Grease Coupler

  • Comes with Protective Plastic Cover

  • Great for Hard-to-reach Grease points on Cars, Vans, 4WD's, Trucks, RV's, Farm and Industrial Equipment, etc.

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