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LX-1302 Grease Gun Filler Pump for 25-50 lb. (11.5-23kg.) Pails

LX-1302 Grease Gun Filler Pump
Part Number: LX-1302
Standard Pack: 5
Grease Gun Filler Pump, 25-50 lb/5 Gal., 18" Pump,
12" Cover 
  • For Bulk Loading Grease Guns equipped with LX-1420, Lumax® Filler Nipple

  • Fast, Easy and Positive Grease Refilling with simple Pumping Action

  • Filler Socket (LX-1305) helps eliminate Waste, Mess and Air Pockets while refilling Grease in Grease Guns

  • Portable - Clamps to any 25-50 lb. (11.5-23 kg.) / 5 Gallon (20 l) Straight sided plastic or metal pail

  • Heavy-duty, LuCast TM, Cast-Alloy Head with Heavier and Reinforced Wall Thickness for Extra Strength and Durability

  • All Steel Construction. 1-1/2" (40 mm) Inlet Port

  • Oil-resistant, Contoured Grip for Comfort and Firm Grip

  • Zinc Plated, Corrosion-resistant Suction Tube

  • Self Priming. Delivers 1 lb. (450 g) per 6 strokes

  • Unit Includes : 18" (45 cm) long by 1-1/2" (40 mm) diameter Suction Tube with Rust Resistant 12" (30 cm) Ribbed Cover Assembly with adjusting screw to accommodate variations in drum diameter, Follower Plate and Grease Gun Filler Socket

  • Optional Larger Filler Socket (LX-1305P)

  • Net Weight : 7 lbs. (3.2 kg)

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