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Lumax® pumps are available in a wide range of types and capacities to meet your specific lubrication and maintenance requirements. Our manual pumps provide economical and convenient dispensing when air operated units are not practical. Lumax® pumps are precision engineered to ensure that they are stronger and durable for heavy-duty service and trouble-free performance. Our pumps are manufactured from the highest-grade materials and to rigid quality standards. Designed for Durability, Reliability, and Safety, Lumax® pumps are ideal for Automotive, Farm, Construction, Commercial, or Industry use. Please view our Chemical Compatibility chart here.

  • Lumax pumps are designed for pumping liquids, compatible with component materials. Please check with Lumax for your needs.

  • Be sure to remove the pump from container when not in use to prevent unintentional siphon action or unauthorized use.

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