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Going back to 1953, our founders used the concept of “The Image of Difference.” It was a simple yet powerful idea that encouraged us to make everything we do better than it had been done before. Over the course of more than six decades, Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation has grown into a global company with market leading positions in a number of product categories. Yet across all our locations and products, it is the thread of this philosophy that holds together everything we have become and everything we do.


The Lumax® line of products was acquired by Hopkins® in January 2022. Lumax® has proudly served the professional Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural, Hardware, and Retail Markets with quality lubrication products for over two decades. Engineered with the “user-in-mind," Lumax® products are built to the highest standards and incorporate many unique features that make work easier, faster and cost-effective. Our well-engineered Grease Guns, Pumps, Funnels, Drains, Fittings, Filter Wrenches, and Accessories are the results of years of ongoing research and development.

Lumax Facility

Lumax® joins forces with FloTool®, the industry leader in Fluid Management. Only FloTool® provides all of the tools to make every DIY fluid maintenance task easy - like the number one DIY task for vehicle owners - the oil change. From heavy duty ramps, to filter and drain plug wrenches, oil drains, funnels, transfer items and clean-up, FloTool® provides product solutions that make the DIY task simpler by SAVING TIME, making products that are EASY to USE, and reducing the CLEAN UP task.


Hopkins® together with the FloTool® and Lumax® brands continue to lead the field in design, quality, and performance. See all of the products Hopkins® has to offer:

High Quality, Prompt Delivery, Expert Customer Service, Competitive Pricing

Lumax strives to work with the customers who demand excellence. Whether you are a re-seller of Lumax products or an end-user, we understand your business and we make sure you get exactly what you need when you need it. With our dedicated customer service team; our strong customer focus helps us create innovative solutions that directly address marketplace needs. We take pride in prompt shipment, superior service and competitive prices for our premium products. We value the relationships that we maintain with our customers and communities that we serve.


To provide automotive, agricultural, and industrial professionals with innovative and high quality products to get the job "done right."


Lumax is the standard.


Through teamwork, innovation, and service, we anticipate customer needs and offer a comprehensive line of quality products.

Lumax... a step ahead.

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