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LX-1174 Push-Type Grease Gun, 3 oz.

LX-1174, Push Type Grease Gun
Part Number: LX-1174
Standard Pack: 10
Suitable for One-Hand Operation. This gun can be used on many different types of machinery and equipment including the following: Automobiles, Lawn and Garden Equipment, Trailers, Snowmobiles, All-Terrain Vehicles, Industrial Equipment, Farm Equipment, and Boats. 
  • Multi-functional

  • One-hand Operation. Compact Grease Gun get grease into tight spaces

  • All-purpose Nozzle for Hydraulic & Ball-head Grease Fittings and Pointed Nozzle for Cup-shaped Grease Fittings

  • High-quality, Shock-resistant Plastic. Withstands changes in Temperature

  • Transparent Body for Visual Control of Fill Level

  • Suitable for High Viscosity Oils and Greases of up to Medium Consistency (NLGI #2)

  • Delivery Rate: 0.5 g / Stroke

  • Comes with Universal Connector (M10x1), Conical Nozzle & Non-drip Protective Cap

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