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LX-1310 Universal Bearing Packer

LX-1310 Universal Bearing Packer
Part Number: LX-1310
Standard Pack: 10
Universal Bearing Packer, Plastic, Bearing Size :
1/2" ID/4-1/2" OD 
  • Universal - for use on all Grease Guns

  • Lightweight yet, Rugged Construction

  • Threaded Center Post for Positive Locking.

  • Easily Lubricates most Bearings

  • Primes easily and pumps efficiently when using Heavy Greases at Low-Temperatures

  • Can be used with either Hand-Operated or Power Lube Equipment

  • Ideal for use on Car, Light Truck, Farm Vehicle, Boat, Trailer and RV Bearings having a minimum ID of 1/2" (12.5 mm) to a maximum OD of 4.5" (113 mm)

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