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LX-1726 Plastic Drum Faucet, 2” NPT

LX-1726 Plastic Drum Faucet
Product Details
Part Number: LX-1726
Standard Pack: 6
Plastic Drum Faucet, 2” NPT for dispensing Non-Corrosive Fluids, Lightweight Oils, Mild Chemicals, most Water-based Fluids and Cleaning Solutions
  • For use with 15, 30 & 55 Gallon (57 L, 114 L & 210 L) Plastic or Steel Drums

  • Large Bore for emptying Drum quickly. Empty a 55 Gallon (210 L) drum in less than 3 minutes

  • Tough & Durable Polyethylene material for good resistance to Chemicals

  • Comes with leak-proof EPDM Gasket

  • Can be adjusted to dispensing position without thread damage or leakage

  • Liquid Temperature Range: 40°-140°F (4°-60°C)

  • For Non-Flammable liquids only

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