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Turnkey DEF Solutions

March 19th, 2019

Lumax Diaphragm Pumps are Industrial-Grade Pumps that are ideal for pumping DEF/Urea/AdBlue®, Low Viscosity Non-Oil and Non-Petroleum based Fluids, Anti-Freeze, Soap Solutions and Water. Lumax Diaphragm Pumps are packed with Components that are designed to reduce Wear and keep Working. Innovative Design provides faster Primes. Ideal for transferring: Anti-Freeze, Detergent, Fruit Juices, Salt Water, Sea Water, Soap Solutions, DEF/Urea/AdBlue®, Vegetable Juices, Fresh and Distilled Water and Wines.


The Lubrication Kit Includes:

  • Diaphragm Pump, 110-120V (LX-1361) or

  • Diaphragm Pump, 12V, DC (LX-1360)

  • Manual Nozzle (LX-1364)

  • PVC, Steel Braided Hose, 10 ft for inlet (LX-1368)

  • Rubber Delivery Hose, 13 ft. (LX-1384) or 20 ft. (LX-1385) for Outlet

  • Electronic Flow Meter (LX-1371) and Steel Frame

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