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LX-1371 Electronic Flow Meter

LX-1371 Electronic Flow Meter
Product Details
Part Number: LX-1371
Standard Pack: 1
Simple, Reliable, Versatile and Economical. The Lumax Digital meter provides accurate readings while dispensing fluids. Easy-to-read large, four digit, 1” (25 mm) LCD display that can be calibrated in Gallons, Quarts, Pints and Liters.
  • Easy installation in-line or at end of delivery hose. Display can be rotated in 4 different positions. Suitable for DEF/Urea/AdBlue®, Water, Petroleum based fluids, Water-based Chemicals and Chlorinated Solvents. Uses two AAA 1.5V Batteries

  • Construction: Ryton® Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

  • Accuracy: ±0.5%

  • LCD Display: Up to 5 digits. Accuracy: ±1%

  • Connections Size: 1” NPT

  • Flow Range: 3-30 GPM (10 L-100 L / min)

  • Max. Pressure: 300 PSI (20 Bar)

  • Working Voltage: 2.3-3.3V

  • Standby Time: 2 years

  • Single Count: 0.00-999.99

  • Accumulative Count: 0.00-99999.99

  • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 140° (60°C)

  • Wetted Components: Ryton® Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS);
    Stainless Steel (SS 304)

Not Suitable for Use With: Acetone, Ammonia, Bleach Solutions, Brake Fluid (Hexylene Glycol) Chlorine, Hydraulic Oil, Lacquers & Lacquer Solvents and Methanol

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