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RoboLuber 20v Cordless Grease Gun

June 3, 2016

The Lumax RoboLuber (LX-1182) is a Heavy Duty 20v Cordless Grease Gun. The RoboLuber sets the new  standard in heavy duty cordless grease gun performance. The power to lubricate just about anything, anytime, anywhere. The maximum operating pressure is 10,000 PSI (690 Bar). 


The fully charged 20v high performance lithium-ion battery delivers more then six cartridges of grease. The RoboLuber has a high flow rate, 7 oz. a min at normal pressure and 2.8 oz. a min at high pressure. 

It has a two speed switch for high-pressure or high volume delivery. Continuous operation with high pressure delivery. It has a patented configuration that speeds up routine unique lubrication tasks. The RoboLuber has a comfortable grip, durable construction and balanced design. The RoboLuber comes with everything  you need! The integrated LED light helps you find hidden grease points, pressure adjustable switch, built in pressure relief valve to save wear and tear on the unit, 30" ultra-flex hose with spring guards, hose holder, anti fatigue carrying strap, 100~240V one hour fast charger, two pieces high capacity 20 volt li-ion battry packs, convenient pocket to store manual, and a compact slim-line heavy duty carrying case. 

RoboLuber Cordless Grease Gun
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