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LX-1182 Heavy-Duty Premium Cordless Grease Gun

LX-1176 RoboLuber Heavy Duty Cordless Grease Gun
Lumax's RoboLuber
LX-1182 RoboLuber Heavy Duty Cordless Grease Gun
Recomended Accessories
LX-1214 30" Thermoplastic Grease Gun Hose with 2 Springs

30" Thermoplastic

with 2 Springs,

10,000 PSI

LX-2182 RoboLuber Battery

Battery, Li-ion,

1500 mAh,

20V, DC

Part Number: LX-1182
Standard Pack: 1
Heavy-Duty Premium Cordless Grease Gun with Two
20V Li-Ion Batteries
  • Two-speed Switch for High-Pressure or High-Volume Delivery

  • Continuous Operation with High Pressure Delivery

  • Patented Configuration: Speeds up Routine Unique Lubrication Tasks

  • Highly Efficient Power Transmission: Permits Faster, more Effective Lubrication

  • Versatile Refilling with 2-way Loading: Cartridge or Bulk

  • Comfortable Grip and Balanced Design

  • Heavy-Duty, Durable Construction

  • Chrome Plated Barrel for Maximum Protection against Corrosion

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 10,000 PSI (690 bar)

  • 2 Powerful 1500mAh Li-ion Battery Packs

  • Fully Charged Battery Delivers more than 6 Cartridges of Grease

  • High Flow Rate:

    • 7 oz. / min. (200 g / min) at Normal Pressure

    • 2.8 oz. / min. (80 g / min) at High Pressure

  • Integrated LED Light to find hidden Grease Points

  • Pressure Adjustable Switch

  • 30” Ultra-flex Hose with Spring Guards

  • Anti-fatigue Carrying Strap

  • 100~240V 1-hour Fast Charger

  • Compact Slim-Line Heavy Duty Carrying Case

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