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Plastic Funnels

LX-1600 Lumax 8 ounce Plastic funnels

8 oz. (240 mL)

LX-1603 Lumax 16 ounce Plastic Transmission funnels


Funnel16 oz.

(1 Pt.)

LX-1605 Lumax 3 piece funnel set

3 Pc. Funnel


LX-1608 Lumax 6 Quart Plastic Funnel

6 Qt./12 Pt.

(5.7 L)

LX-1610 Lumax pour spout plastic funnel

Pour Spout

LX-1613 Multi Purpose Combination funnel with flex spout

1-1/2 Qt.



Funnel with

Flex Spout 

LX-1602 Lumax 16 ounce Plastic funnels

16 oz. (480 mL)

LX-1604 Lumax 48 ounce Plastic funnels

48 oz. (1.4 L)

LX-1606 Lumax 2 Quart Plastic funnel

2 Qt./4 Pt.

(1.9 L)

LX-1609 Lumax 1 Quart Plastic 2 piece Funnel with flex spout

1 Qt. (950 mL)

Plastic 2-Piece,

with Flex Spout

LX-1612 Lumax 1.5 Quart Plastic Flex Pour Funnel

1.5 Qt. (1.4 L)



LX-1614 Lumax Long Neck Plastic Funnel

1-1/2 Qt.

(1.4 L)

Long Neck

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