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LX-3201 1/4" P.T.F. Special Extra Short, Straight

LX-3201 1/4" P.T.F. Straight Special Extra Short Lubrication Fitting
Product Details
Part Number: LX-3201
Standard Pack: 10
Available In: 10 pcs./pk. · 100 pcs./pk.
1/4" P.T.F. Special Extra Short, Straight 
  • Case hardened for extra durability and to protect them from wear due to constant use

  • Ball check in the head prevents dirt and grit from getting into the fitting

  • Heavier wall thickness for extra strength

  • Zinc Plated with Yellow Passivated finish, for maximum protection against corrosion

  • Stress Relieved and Tempered Carbon Steel Spring

  • Every fitting is individually inspected and Batch Tested to 8,000 PSI for Industrial Grade and to 5,000 PSI for Commercial Grade (After-Market)

  • Designed to meet the demanding requirements of most Automotive, Agricultural, Industrial, Marine, Truck, Federal, and, Construction Equipment needs

  • Thread rolled taper threads are stronger and durable due to hardening and toughening of threads. This is not achievable in a cut thread process, as the threads become brittle on the periphery

  • Unlike other mass-produced fittings which are fully hardened - only the tip is Case Hardened on Lumax® Fittings. This proprietary process safeguards the female threads and protects the entire female part from being damaged.

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