Drive Type

Drive Fittings avoid Tapping Costs in Variety of Applications. Circumferential Serrated Shank provides a Grease Tight Seal when Installed. They also simplify the Replacement of Damaged Fittings in Old or Oversized Holes. Recommended only for Low to Medium Pressure Applications. Drive Fittings must be used where High Lubricant Back Pressures can be Developed.


Holes Sizes and Shank Dimensions Must Be Used as Reference Only. To determine Optimum Hole Size, Test Applications should be conducted using the Type of Material into which the Fitting is to be Installed ex. Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Copper, Steel etc. Production Tolerances of Hole Size must be taken into Consideration when Test is Conducted. Use LX-1430 Drive Fitting Tool to Install these Fittings.

LX-3505 Lumax Straight Drive Type Lubrication Fitting

For 3/16"

Dia. Hole,

Straight, 0.50"

LX-3509 Lumax Straight Drive Type Lubrication Fitting

For 1/4"

Dia. Hole,

Straight, 0.56"

LX-3511 Lumax Straight Drive Type Lubrication Fitting

For 5/16"

Dia. Hole,

Straight, 0.56"

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