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LX-1705 Steel Transmission Funnel

LX-1705 Lumax Galvanized Steel Transmission Funnel
Part Number: LX-1705
Standard Pack: 6
Steel Transmission Funnel with S.S. Screen, 18” x ½” Flexible Pipe 
  • Offset Design, High, Splash-Proof Rim

  • 18" (45 cm) Flexible Spout with Tapered Tip for ease of Pouring

  • Comes complete with Fine-mesh Stainless Steel Strainer

  • Durable Epoxy Finish to Resist Rust

  • Opening Diameter: 8"

  • Length of Spout: 16"

  • Opening Diameter of Spout: 1/2"

  • Overall Height: 26"

Product Details
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