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LX-1371 Electronic Flow Meter

August 3, 2017

The Lumax LX-1371 Electronic Flow Meter is simple, reliable, versatile, and economical. The Lumax digital meter provides accurate readings while dispensing fluids. The easy-to-read large four digit 1" LCD display can be calibrated in gallons, quarts, pints, and liters. The display can be rotated in four different positions. The digital meter is easy to install in-line or at the end of a delivery hose. The connection size is 1" NPT. Suitable for DEF/Urea/AdBlue, water petroleum-based chemicals and chlorinated solvents. 

Uses two AAA batteries for operation. The flow range for the LX-1371 is 3-30 GPM with a max pressure of 300 PSI (20Bar). The max liquid temperature for the flow meter is 140 degrees fahrenheit, 60 degrees celsius. 

Product development at Lumax goes beyond the physical product, to a deeper understanding of the end-users’ needs. Engineered with the “user-in-mind”, Lumax products are built to the highest standards and incorporate many unique features that make work easier, faster, and cost-effective.

Electronic Flow Meter, Lumax Digital Meter
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