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Fort Mill, SC - The Lumax new full line catalog is here! The new catalog has new and innovative products such as: The New Quick-Release Coupler, Pumps, Fluid Extractors, Funnels, Drains, Filter Wrenches, Drain Plug Wrench and Accessories. Efficiency by design. Lumax's quality lubrication and fluid management products are built to the highest standards and incorporate many unique features that make work easier, faster and cost-effective. Engineered products to suit professional applications.


The new Chemical Compatibility Chart for Lumax pumps are included in the catalog. Lumax pumps are designed for pumping liquids, compatible with component materials.  Product development at Lumax goes beyond the physical product, to a deeper understanding of the end-users' needs. Engineered with the "user-in-mind."

What sets Lumax apart from our competitors is our high quality products with prompt delivery at a competitive price. Our customer service specialists are here to serve our customers. We do our best to serve you. Our well-engineered Grease Guns, Pumps, Funnels, Drains, Fittings, Filter Wrenches, and Accessories are the results of years of ongoing research and development; while working alongside our customers to exceed industry standards and our customer's needs in lubrication and fluid management products.

August 9, 2017

The New Lumax Catalog

Lumax Product Catalog
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