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New Lumax Merchandiser Brochure

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April 24, 2020

Lumax Merchandisers

Lumax Eye-Appealing Packaging puts many of our Products within easy reach of your customers. That means when you Hang-Up a colorful Lumax Product Display, You're sure to ring up more sales!

Looking for an effective way to make a profit and reach new customers in the Lubrication and Fluid Management Area? Lumax has Money Making – Fast Turning – Customer Getting Solutions for You: Choose between the Lumax Merchandiser Packages, 1/4 Pallet Displays, Counter Displays, & 4 foot Merchandisers. 

These are special merchandisers put together with products that sell.

  • All Hand Picked, Fast-Turn Merchandise

  • No Large Quantity Commitments

  • High Profit - In Demand - Products that will Turn and Earn!

Call us at 844-660-6876 or email us at for more Lumax Merchandiser information

Lumax Merchandisers web pageClick Here

Downloadable Lumax Merchandiser Brochure: Click Here

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