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LX-1845 Bi-Directional, Sq. Drive 3-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench

LX-1845 Lumax Bi-Directional Square Drive 3 Jaw Oil Filter Wrench
Product Details
Part Number: LX-1845
Standard Pack: 12
Square Drive Bi-Directional, Sq. Drive 3-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench Fits Filters from (Diameter Sizes) 2-1/4” to 3-3/4” (57-95 mm)
  • Professional 3-Prong Self Adjusting Oil Filter Wrench

  • Internal Gear allows for removal of Filter

  • Driven by Gear Mechanism for Maximum Range

  • Hardened Steel Center, Tempered Steel Legs

  • Heat-Treated for Strength; Superior Gripping

  • Use with 3/8” Square Drive Ratchet and Extension

  • Caution: Do Not Use with Power Tools

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