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LX-1142 Premium Grease Gun

LX-1142 lever premium grease gun
LX-1142 Heavy Duty Lever Grease Gun
LX-1142 Heavy Duty Lever Grease Gun
Recomended Accessories
LX-1186 Heavy Duty Wall Bracket


Wall Bracket

LX-1203 18" Thermoplastic 4,500 PSI Grease Gun Hose

18" Thermoplastic

4,500 PSI

Lx-1201 12" Thermoplasitc 4,500 PSI Grease Gun Hose

12" Thermoplastic

4,500 PSI

LX-1400 Standard Grease Coupler


Grease Coupler

Part Number: LX-1142
Standard Pack: 12
For the user who wants the Ultimate Grease Gun. Designed Specifically for Heavy-Duty use. Built to take Extreme Punishment.
  • Heavy-Duty, Lucast™, Cast-Alloy Head with Heavier and Reinforced Wall Thickness for Extra Strength. Develops up to 10,000 PSI (690 Bar) and Burst pressure over 17,500 PSI (1200 Bar)

  • 3-Way Loading: 14 oz. (397 g) Cartridge or 16 oz. (454 g) Bulk Fill or Fill with a Filler Pump

  • Chrome-Plated finish for Maximum Protection against Corrosion

  • Equipped with Air Bleeder Valve to release Trapped Air

  • Includes Filler Nipple for use with Grease Filler Pump (LX-1302)

  • Tough "Reversible" Follower eliminates Grease By-Pass and allows a Superior Seal for either Cartridge or Bulk Loading Applications

  • Deluxe, Contoured Lever helps develop more Pressure with less Effort

  • Equipped with Short-Stroke Valve - allows to maintain Pressure and Grease flow in confined spaces and for accurate Applications

  • Heavy-Duty Follower Spring for Consistent Priming

  • Heavy Gauge Steel Barrel (18 G / 1.3 mm) assures Durability and withstands High Crush Pressures

  • Polished Barrel inside for Smoother Operation

  • Wide-Band, Non-Slip Knurling for Sure-Grip Handling

  • Domed End-Cap for Extra Strength and Longer Life

  • Slip Resistant Hand Grip for Firm Grip Comfort and Safer Operation

  • Ergonomically Designed T-Handle provides Positive Grip

  • Outputs 4.23 oz. (120 g) of Grease per 100 Strokes

  • Complete with Four Hardened Jaws Hydraulic Coupler with Ball Check (LX-1400), Non-drip Cap and 6" (150 mm) Extension Pipe (LX-1424)

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