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HandyLuber 12v Cordless Grease Gun

April 3, 2017

The Lumax HandyLuber (LX-1175) 12V Cordless Grease Gun, is the cost-effective choice to speed through lubrication tasks. The HandyLuber offers an compact, ergonomic design and is constructed for durability. The HandyLuber reduces fatigue and muscle stress and gets the job done twice as fast! It has a maximum operating pressure of 7,000 psi and high flow rate of 3.5 oz/min. This grease gun features a built-in pressure relief valve and a 1500mAh Ni-Cd battery capable of delivering five cartridges of grease on a single charge. The Handyluber comes in a slim-line carrying case with a 30" ultra-flex hose, grease coupler and one-hour quick charger. 

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