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Diesel/Fuel Transfer Pump Kits

January 16th, 2019

Diesel Transfer Pump Kit 8GPM

The LX-1375 is a smooth operating, high performance, diesel transfer pump kit. It has a high strength cast-iron construction for exceptional durability. The lightweight and compact design is ideal for transferring diesel, light oils and kerosene. The self-priming pump with direct transmission and inner re-circulation works to extend the pump life and preventing over-pressurization. Designed with a continuous 30-minute duty cycle and a self-priming mechanism to prevent premature motor and pump damage due to dry operation.


The smooth operating, high performance 3600 RPM, 12V DC motor efficiently transfers 8 gallons per minute (30L/minute). The working pressure is 14.5 PSI (1 Bar). The LX-1375 features a by-pass valve for motor protection and strong seals for leak protection. The pump kit comes with 3/4” aluminum nozzle and 13 ft. fuel hose. The 6-1/2 ft. battery cable with clamps is included for user convenience. A 2” threaded bung coupling barrel or tank mounting is also included with the pump.

Heavy-Duty Explosion-Proof Fuel Transfer Pump Kit 15GPM


The Lumax LX-1377 is a heavy duty, industrial grade fuel transfer pump. This pump is ideal for pumping oil or petroleum-based products such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and mineral spirits. It has a highly-efficient vane design that provides faster priming, better performance, and longer life. Built from heavy-duty cast iron for durability, it is designed to reduce wear and to keep working over a long period of time. It has an explosion proof motor. It is a CSA certified pump unit, and it comes with a UL listed nozzle. It has a strainer and a by-pass valve built in to prevent damage to the pump and equipment. The pump is designed for tank and barrel mounting applications. The continuous cycle of the LX-1377 is 30 minutes.

The flow rate for the LX-1377 is 15 gallons per minute (57L/minute). The pump has a working pressure of 18 psi (1.2 bar). The pump’s voltage is 12V, 20 amps. The power cord for the LX-1377 is 16 ft. The pump kits includes the pump, automatic shut-off fuel nozzle, lockable nozzle holder, 41”x 1” steel telescoping suction pipe, 13 ft. x 3/4” anti-static wire discharge hose, and 2” threading bung adapter for barrel or tank mount.

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Diesel Transfer Pump Kit
Fuel Transfer Pump Kit
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