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New Professional-Grade Filter Wrenches

September 6, 2017

Fort Mill, SC - Lumax offers a wide range of professional-grade filter wrenches, including: swivel handle, plier and jaw type, cam action and strap type, square drive, cap type, cap socket, and oil drain plug swivel wrench set. Versatile for use on automobiles, tractors, home applications, etc. Lumax offers a wide range of filter wrenches for a variety of applications to ensure you have the right tool for the job. Lumax products are constructed from high-quality components, making them built for lasting use and durability. The filter wrenches are ergonomically designed for the user’s comfort, featuring cushion grip handles and slim, adjustable designs. Lumax filter wrenches are specially engineered to remove hard to reach oil filters. Strong and durable, Lumax filter wrenches provide a solution to remove the most stubborn filters.

Lumax Filter Wrenches
Lumax Filter Wrench LX-1824
Lumax Filter Wrenches LX-1815
Lumax FIlter Wrench LX-1819
Lumax Filter Wrenches LX-1842
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