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Lumax - DEF, AdBlue, Urea Product Solutions

August 3, 2017

Lumax DEF Solutions, DEF Urea AdBlue Pumps

Lumax has the perfect solution for bulk fluid inventory management such as DEF, anti-freeze and other compatible fluids. Our industrial grade pumps and accessories are ideal for pumping DEF/AdBlue/Urea. 

Lumax has fourteen different products that are made for Diesel Exhaust Fluid and other corrosive fluids. Lumax has a Chemical Compatibility Chart that can help you find whether the pump is compatible with the fluid you want to pump. Combine any Lumax compatible pump with a DEF compatible nozzle to create your solution!

Our manual pumps create a low cost effective solution for the end user. Our exclusive patented non-drip valve is designed to prevent dripping and air intrusion. The non-drip valve is included on our manual chemical pumps that work great for DEF and related products. For example: combine the LX-1329 with the LX-1367 to create a low cost DEF pump solution. 

Combine any Lumax Compatible Pump with a DEF Compatible Nozzle to Create Your Solution

Lumax DEF Products

Lumax diaphragm pumps are industrial-grade pumps that are ideal for pumping DEF/Urea/AdBlue, low viscosity non-oil and non-petroleum based fluids, anti-freeze, soap solutions and water. Lumax diaphragm pumps are packed with components that are designed to reduce wear and keep working. The innovative design provides faster primes, better performance and longer life. Ideal for transferring DEF/Urea/AdBlue. 

Improve efficiency with a powered solution. Lumax offers multiple DEF pump kits. Each DEF kit has customizable system components to design a customized solution. The two options the DEF pump kit for pumps are the: AC 110V (LX-1362) and DC 12V (LX-1382). The steel frame mounting bracket makes it easy to bolt on to containers. Each kit has a option for the 13 ft. or the 20 ft. delivery hose hose. The picture right below this paragraph can help explain how you can customize your own solution or what products to repair/replace existing equipment. 


Lumax has fuel control nozzles and hoses suitable for DEF/Urea/AdBlue products. Lumax has two fuel control nozzle's for DEF products. The Lumax LX-1364 is the polypropylene manual nozzle  with adjustable trigger. The LX-1366 is the heavy duty stainless steel automatic shut-off nozzle. The automatic locking trigger that allows for hands free operation. Lumax carries both braided and rubber hoses.

The fluid management products that Lumax develops are built to the highest standards and incorporate many unique features that make work easier, faster, and cost-effective. Whether that be with our manual low cost solution or our high powered solution that improves efficiency. Lumax products are engineered with the user in mind with high quality, prompt delivery, expert customer service, and competitive pricing. Lumax is the standard.

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